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  • Color: From Hexcodes to Eyeballs
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    A grand tour of the science behind color, color perception, and how colors are generated by computer displays. By Jamie Wong.

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  • Revision 2020: Physically Based Shading Without Locking Yourself In
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    Implementing a physically based shading model without locking yourself in
  • Advanced Global Illumination Using Photon Mapping
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    Photon mapping provides a practical way of efficiently simulating global illumination including interreflections, caustics, color bleeding, participating media and subsurface scattering in scenes with complicated geometry and advanced material models. This class will provide the insight necessary to efficiently implement and use photon mapping to simulate global illumination in complex scenes. The presentation will briefly cover the fundamentals of photon mapping including efficient techniques and datastructures for managing large numbers of rays and photons. In addition, we will describe how to integrate the information from the photon maps in shading algorithms to render global illumination.
  • Matrix row-column sampling for the many-light problem
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    Computing global illumination using the many-lights approach is expensive, this algorithm presents a method ("exploration") for reducing the amount of lights to be sampled.
  • Photon Mapping (2 Minute Papers)
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    Describes the Photon Mapping solution to light transport.
  • Radiosity
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    Lecture describing how to solve the radiosity equations used to compuse diffuse global illumination.
  • Ray-Traced Irradiance Fields (Real-Time Light Probe Rendering)
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    [...] how to combine glossy reflection ray tracing with diffuse ray-traced irradiance field probes. This creates a complete dynamic global illumination solution that scales across all DXR GPUs and minimizes light leaking without requiring manual per-probe or lightmap work by artists.
  • Stochastic Lightcuts
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    A solution to the global illumination problem by sampling from many lights. Stochastic Lightcuts is an improvement on the earlier Lightcuts algorithm. Presentation at HPG 2019.
  • Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping (2 Minute Papers)
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    Describes improvements to Photon Mapping, called Progressive Photon Mapping, Stochastic Photon Mapping, and their combination.