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A game I've being developing for the past month or so together with @ifaresi and @biowater

More work on the combat system &proto-souls

The combat is looking good so far

A entity inspect and edit panel

Learning shadow mapping

Combat test with an enemy. Player is the blue one

Almost completed, just need to round up some rough edges &imagedesk

Now the organizing part this image organizer finally begins &imagedesk

Viewing an 16k image without optimizing the render (I'm just using SDL for the jam) is way faster the some image viewers &imagedesk

Image organizer going well so far. Done much more progress than I expected by now

I present to you the Potato Boy A RPI0 with a TFT display, 128x160 pixels, rgb565 and a cheap portable for the case and buttons.

I can say that it is finally done. This jam was awesome and I'm very happy with the result 😁

here is my submission post: https://handmade.network/forums/jam/t/8116-jam_submition_-_scroll%252C_a_experiment_in_a_non_text_typesetting_file_format

It's working well so far.

This is a typing setting format, it is not a text format and has a hierarchical structure. The format itself is pretty much finished for the purpose of the jam, and now we are finishing the editor and working a exporter to PDF

Added some simple widgets to my UI

Just got a text field working for my imgui

A Voxel world rendering with LOD

New forum thread: How to create a custom lexer?
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