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A sneak preview of the realtime raytracing I've been doing with some teammates at uni (the bitrate is a bit unforunate)

Baked volumetric lightmaps are looking quite good. Now I just need to address the storage concern...

Lightmap debugger visualizing all the rays that were traced to make the final result (I left my textures at home)

Trying to stop being lazy and actually continue working on this thing. Now featuring basic light baking.
Code can be found here, by the way https://github.com/TheSandvichMaker/retro-fps

Janky steps towards baked lightmaps

casual first person game side project thing, featuring crouching

I released the source code for my little experiment writing a networked game

With no guarantees the code is any good for anyone! But I thought it might be useful to look at for people as inexperienced in networking as me.

for the first time ever, I have made a program talk to another program

Because I will never finish it anyway, here's the (public domain) source code for my text editor https://github.com/TheSandvichMaker/textit

Combining the powers of raytracing and rasterization!

Project specific config settings. Why not switch fonts per project while you're at it?

For once I touched my text editor again and added some basic snippets. But coming back to this codebase I really want to redo so much of it... It's really in need of some cleanup

Today in "computers are fast": Unoptimized single threaded software rasterizer running 60 fps on a shaded, textured model with 11k vertices.

Some casual software rendering

Navigate your codebase with tags!

Fancier font rendering and iterating on the nice interactive command line widget

opening files and buffers with nice substring matching (and exposing off by one error at end 🙂 I hit ctrl+P but went to test_file.txt instead of test_file_big.txt)

if you've ever used vim, you might've noticed that it special cases some motions with the "change" command to be more intuitive, for example cc empties a line while dd deletes it, cw acts like ce, generally it selects the "contents" of the motion rather than actually doing the motion naively.

With the kakoune-inspired inverse vim scheme, I am doing this in reverse: my selections come in two parts, inner (blue) and outer (orange). delete commands act on the outer, change commands on the inner selection.

The result of this is that I can very intuitively select and manipulate semantic text objects.

One interesting selection showcased in this gif is the parameter selection, it will select a parameter so that the inner selection preserves the comma and sets you up to change it, while the outer selection deletes the parameter and its associated comma.

stepping up the auto indentation game

doing a little indenting

your wish is my command

Do the split (although this isn't really how you want the layout to work)

I uploaded a playthrough of our university project, since I figure most people don't really want to bother playing the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPELesKZOcM If you're gonna watch anything, I recommend the bathroom level from 12:50 onwards

I was going to just do some bresenham line drawing in my multithreaded software renderer, but instead I did this?

My favourite vim motion!

My pathtracer written for uni is now on github, in case anybody wants to browse through the code: https://github.com/TheSandvichMaker/BUAS-Pathtracer

Syntax highlighting is semi not terrible now

Behold, deleting and changing selections in a wholly original way that is definitely not completely derivative of a text editor starting with K

the very good sandvich text editor now does basic undo grouping (not sure why, it's about time I turn this into a modal editor which simplifies undo anyway)

Better roguelike field of view with shadowcasting. No dead corners! Symmetric! Efficient algorithm (brute force raycasting is O(n³)...)!!!

every roguelike needs a good line of sight implementation right? this one is bad, it makes me cry. but it's a start

Undo branches! Basically like parallel universes of your file history. This one requires some explanation, I write "First branch" and then undo it, "Second branch" and undo it, and again for "Third branch". Then, I redo each in turn, by switching branches. Look at the right side and watch the branches and the (NEXT) indicator.

semi-janky ctrl modifier action, scrolling, line wrap, display of utf8 as big red hexadecimal

rooting through a container and opening a door with janky broken rendering

dungeon generator thingy

I was going to make a maze generator, instead I accidentally discovered an avant-garde way to generate a terrain heightmap https://streamable.com/c2e6zi

semi-decent bloom for the new (currently strictly worse than the previous) raytracer: https://streamable.com/v5kxzj

not too much meaningful change in terms of the rendering quality in my pathtracer, but here's another nice picture https://i.imgur.com/NzMNEuS.png

Cherry dragon, which doesn't really show much progress from last time but hey, it's the holidays https://i.imgur.com/uKIWv9j.png

the cpu raytracer continues to take shape: https://streamable.com/p8cu6d

Ah, but the real test, dragon: also goes smooth https://streamable.com/ac2joa

Initial BVH sketch for my cpu raytracer is in, triangle normals are busted but that's unrelated, the teapot goes pretty smooth: https://streamable.com/7rbz35