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I'm experimenting with an assembler development environment, front end first.

Day 4 of 7drl, some audio sound. Not captured here, but already implemented, there is a win condition when successfully finding the way out of the cave.

Day 3 of 7drl challenge, don't know if I'm proud of the pace of the progress, but I thought I will share anyway. No loud tada this time.

day 1 of 7drl (7 days roguelike) challenge: Got some basic 2d graphics working. Wish me luck.

Since you guys seem to like my ascii art editor, here is what I've done with it:

This is my new ASCII (read: codepage 437) art editor, there are many like it, but this one is mine ^^

New forum thread: Implementing copy/paste in X11

I did a thing!

Wanted to draw simple graphs where I can start typing immediately, but couldn't found an app that I liked.
Ended up writing this small program.

I wrote a second post in the series of math-from-scratch:


It started as a UI library, and now it has a basic collision detection/resolution... idk..

I made this simple editor with my attempt at a UI library. The buttons in the top-left corner are for loading/saving/clearing and entering/exiting fullscreen.

(everything is from scratch except for stb_image and stb_truetype, written in C and OpenGL)


not as impressive as most of the projects here, but I have to start somewhere

Been working on a UI library, written from scratch (with the exception of stb_truetype) in C and OpenGL.

Forum reply: Day 40: Loading Cursor
New forum thread: Day 40: Loading Cursor