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It works!!! It compiles something!!!

Collisions 👍

!til &learning-jam my post is done! now i may need to translate it

!til I'm writing a tutorial on my blog in portuguese but I plan to translate it to english later

!til &learning-jam I wrote a simple 6507 emulator. It only initializes and does not execute any opcode. The idea is to make a progressive emulator while making the markdown explanation.

!til &learning-jam there is no difference between opcodes and data in the 6507, the only thing that makes a byte an opcode is the initialization. When the CPU initializes it already expects an opcode, so the first byte will be an opcode, that makes the code valid. there is always an origin point

!til &learning-jam Today I bought a MOS 6507, so I'll make it my study subject for this jam!

Collisions almost working

Finally I am commiting to making something with SDL2 + C. I've decided to make a sokoban game

Made the PPM reader work better, now the colors are not messed up.
Also, I am using XInput for getting controller input.

Finally loaded a PPM

Now it draws images correctly!

Making a game in SDL! I am using a pixel buffer to write everything on and that's what I've done until now

Making a notion clone!