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JSON viewer final jam screenshot - scrolling and colors &mjson
Download @ https://handmade.network/p/383/mark-s-json-viewer/

Press CTRL-ALT-J to view JSON data from your clipboard &mjson

Left: native chrome devtools debugger replacement, stepping at the speed of type, with WASM DWARF5 support
Right: chrome devtools debugger, lagging and erroring out, inspiring the creation of the left

A couple watch features:

  • If you watch a pointer 'var', and it finds 'nvar' in the same scope, it treats 'var' as an array of length 'nvar'
  • In a struct, if you have an enum value EFOO before a union with a .foo member, it only shows the .foo member

cpwrap wraps any shell program (like rlwrap) to give you copilot suggestions while you're typing. Single public domain .c file, though you need node and copilot's extension files on your system

iOS app in a single .c file using Metal to draw a spinning cube (public domain)