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Using my newfound decoding knowledge I started working on a simple video editor. I also tried decoding 16 files at once, which didn't seem to bother my 3080 at all.

Huge thanks to @mmozeiko - I was able to get gpu accelerated h264 decoding working in Odin using the Media Foundation api with his help.

This is my first jam - I decided to try and visualize how the string allocator that I am trying to write works (or doesn't). I spent most of this weekend trying to fix the allocator after I successfully visualized some of it's many problems...so I'd say this was a success!

As your average artist that's constantly frustrated by software I have to use, I decided to write my own animation/playback app (imagine powerpoint and after effects combined) to see if I could do better. I've done a decent amount of 'scripting' in Adobe apps, and when covid hit I bucked down and taught myself Javascript...soon after I discovered handmade hero and basically went of the deep end. C and I didn't work out, but when I found Odin...

This is my first real low-level app - I started working on it about 3 months ago, and this week's project was to replace my dear imgui implementation with something completely custom.