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I've been working on a WebAssembly runtime on and off for the last couple years, and just merged SIMD support, landing a full implementation of the 2.0 spec. Next up will be polish and some extensive optimization work, but I'm pretty happy about getting to this point so far. https://github.com/rdunnington/bytebox

Didn't have much time during the day to jam, but managed to whack in a couple UX features before 12am tonight: colored allocation blocks based on a string tag, and frame markers. &memview

Instrumented DOOM and got its Z_Malloc()/Z_Free() allocations streaming live to &memview. Added a couple UX improvements. Unfortunately due to a bug in the Windows version of Zig, callstacks are currently only available for zig modules. The linux version should work fine, though I need to finish the port tomorrow.

I don't have a lot of free time each day, so to get this project to a reasonable state of completion I needed to do some pregaming. At the beginning of the jam, Memview could read allocation messages over the network, and visualize them within a scrubbable timeline and zoomable memory view.

After a couple evenings, callstack support has been added, so you can select blocks to see their size and the allocating callstack.