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After 25 days I have successfully got pixels on screen from scratch! No firmware or UEFI, just interacting directly with the hardware on an SOC.

started work on a riscv assembler in my quest for independence and slaying of linkers!!! riscv is actually very comfortable to generate. @NeGate , you should take a look at it.

I got my brevis compiler to run inside my OS!

Here's some showing off of my OS and compiler. A very simple program is compiled to an ELF file and then run on the OS in userspace. https://samhsmith.com/astraos_brevis_move_around_fs_and_start_elf.webm (On real hardware)

Navigating directories and reading files from a FAT32 fs on an sdcard inside my handmade OS running on an SOC. Programmed of course in my own programming language brevis. Road to exit?

Asynchronously reading from a file that represents the SD card connected to my SOC. The response time is increased artificially for extra drama.

Running two threads on my risc-v box. Exciting isn't it. It's an OS except it's missing all the other parts.

Sam H Smith