Serenum is my solution to the ‘Thirty Million Line Problem’. The intention is to start a completely distinct computing platform. Hardware and Operating System sold together. On top, let us build the future.

Recent Activity

I'm upgrading my Brevis compiler with SSA goodness. Surprisingly easy to do once you've removed the academic words. &serenum

I made this youtube video which does not successfully capture the amount of work it took to produce this new release. &serenum

Work has been done on Serenum. Very wandering video, but might be interesting. &serenum

After much pain, sacrifice and compromise I have implemented display mode switching for Serenum. In other words, the kernel can switch between outputting 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1440x1080. &serenum

&serenum New renderer for the serenum editor. SIMD is used both for rendering and diffing against previous frames to avoid unnecessary redraw.