Hi all. Very excited to be able to share the game project I’ve been working on for the last couple of years. It’s a psychedelic, improvisational, tactical roguelike. I’ve been leading the tech side and it’s a handmade-style custom engine.


Game things:

  • Small-scale turn-based tactics, not unlike Into The Breach
  • No enemies, instead we have lots of bubbles that move at the same time (evaluated as a graph) - some cause bomberman-style explosions
  • Emphasis on player expression and going with the flow, you control 3 characters at once, and can spread your 2-actions-per-turn between them however you like. All abilities are very spatial, like swapping, pushing etc
  • Turn-timer to keep things moving and keep analysis paralysis at bay
  • in game action syncs to music

Tech things:

  • c-style c++ custom engine
  • no external libraries (except d3d11)
  • custom audio engine with a granular synthesis implementation
  • Asset streaming, hot-reloading, arena allocation, all that good stuff

I pre-ordered Handmade Hero in 2014 and feel I’ve been on the road here since. Big thanks to this community for being a big part of that. This discord has been an endlessly useful resource. Let me know what you think and fire away any tech questions too of course.

Info: https://thewakingknot.com/