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my project for the jam is an "immediate mode" plotting layer thing so I can plot some variables then zoom and pan around them in a different window &scatter

plotting target scroll and smoothly animated scroll against time

did some clipboard jiggery-pokery to make it behave better with multiple renaming &near-manager

hide your pdbs "inside" your exe

Did a bit of tidying up and split out separate layout and render passes, which made it pretty easy to hack in these animations and grid mode. &near-manager

&near-manager prototype V2 - decided to get rid of the code from the jam and start fresh with a bit of a better idea of what works and what doesn't

⬛ (needs some nicer colour pickers now) &near-manager

minimum-viable-product for the on the fly drawing program in #wishlist. (actually it doesn't even properly handle touch/pen input so i'm not sure how 'viable' it is)

Made some more progress (maybe not quite as much as I would like) on my self imposed 48 non-consecutive hour jam game. About 15 hours left now... https://streamable.com/h9ejp3

Decided to do a 48 non-consecutive hour self-imposed 'game jam' to try to actually make a game for once and not get stuck in the technical stuff. Over half my time gone and only the first hints of gameplay are just starting to show... 🤦‍♂️

beginnings of an editor with the entity properties window generated by a metaprogram. There's a lot of polish to add like hiding properties relating to flags that aren't enabled and not spawning entities under the UI but the basics are there.

probably would look better if I had art for the second room