Immerse yourself in a relaxing puzzle adventure set in a forest full of pesky moose who anger easily. You play a lost lumberjack who is a frequent target of angry moose charges and general "shenanigans".

This isn't like real life where you can just move the moose crossing sign to get the moose to leave you alone.

You must navigate your way around the moose (meese?), anger them, and get them to charge where you want them to go. While you're at it, have them charge into other moose and see what happens.

You can hide behind trees and push blocks in front of the moose to stealthily sneak past. You can even load the moose onto rail carts to push them around.

Whatever you do, don't get TRAMPLED. The moose aren't mean-spirited. They just don't like you. Mooselutions is a turn-based Sokoban style game, so you get one turn to get away from the moose after you anger them. Don't run into the path of an angry moose!

There are 49 hand-crafted moose puzzles designed to test your skills, and different areas unlock as you progress. Earn achievements for manipulating the moose to your whims and for being the target of their peskiness.

Who would have thought such simple moose-related rules could lead to so many deep moose puzzles? This is what the moose call psychological pestering.

Recent Activity

Here are some new levels in the game's winter theme, complete with a nice snowy particle effect.

I'm launching the game on Steam January 3rd of 2024.