TwitchNotify uses websocket to listen for events when Twitch users go live. This way you get notification instantly without any delays.

Windows 10 toast notification includes action buttons to launch mpv media player locally or open user's browser page.


Download source code on github:

Or get latest binary build here:

Recent Activity

Minor TwitchNotify improvement - code updated to refresh stream status for users when websocket is reconnected. This happens, for example, after computer was resumed for sleep/standby. Previously UI did not reflect changes in user stream status during this time. So you had old info available after resuming pc, potentially showing users streams being live when they are not, or opposite.
Plus removed nested user context menu - it's simpler to have everything in one list without sub-menus. &twitchnotify

&TwitchNotify now allows to download followed user list from your Twitch account - set username in .ini file and choose to download automatically on startup, or do it manually in popup menu.

TwitchNotify update: Much better websocket connection code. Now it does not need to disconnect to reload users - websocket connection stays permanent. Also because Twitch likes you to notify that stream is live but then it takes sometimes up to 10 seconds to actually report game/stream name, so now TwitchNotify will show notification with just user name, and then try to get game/stream name later and update notification when it successfully gets one. And now it shows viewer count in user list. &twitchnotify

New TwitchNotify codebase: Now it monitors Twitch user live status via websocket instead of previous 1-min polls. Now you get notifications instantly without any delay. It also now uses Windows 10 toast notifications - it shows actions buttons in notification popup itself. Either to open mpv video player, or open browser page. All this with nice 34KB .exe and ~3MB runtime memory usage. CC @DreamerSleeper &twitchnotify