Do you hate that printf outputs text? Well that's kinda the point of it. Many people use printf for debugging because it's really easy to add and remove. But that's where the good ends, it does a lot of nasty things too. It significantly slows down your program and clogs up the console, it also does quite a lot behind the scenes too! Locale conversions and many other things you really don't care about when using it for debugging. It becomes a pain to sort through all the logs and seeing all the things you don't care about. And worst of all, it can't even visualize anything properly at all!

I can't stop talking about how much printf sucks but I still continue using it. The fact that it clogs up your console leads you to removing the print statements and adding them back, back and forth. Many people implement their own logging systems, but they still lack many features, people rarely implement logging systems where you can sort the logs live or visualize certain data from the logs with anything other than text. Let's stop hurting ourselves. Printf debugging FTW! We just gotta fix it. Yep.

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So everyone's posting their jam entries. It's much less than I expected, but here it is anyway. &printf2. The entire point is to just have an off-host logging monitor. The logging monitor can visualize more than just a simple console, with things like bitmaps. Did I leverage that? No of course not, thanks to me being very lazy. I tried to use it as a library, can't say it's particularly useful yet 😂.

Added "Log monitoring" to &printf2

categorizing logs by files &printf2

Added threading, now it outputs them all at once. &printf2

Enchancing printf debugging! Starting up with making sortable logs.
It's still very crude and it's synchronous for now as you can see by the logs not appearing immediately.