So, what's the problem?

Current presentation programs are just plain horrendous. Here are the 3 main points I was able to find that make these programs so bad (although there are plenty more lol).

  1. They are just slow. Have you ever noticed how stupidly long it takes just to start PowerPoint let alone a single file? What about Google Slides? (Hint: it's not much better). But why are they so slow? I think a major part of this is that they both have a huge bloated editor that has too many features.

  2. They have an unintuitive design. One issue with this is that they cram all (it's a ton) of stuff that they like to put into the top of the menu bar and it forces you to take forever looking through endless features that make you stop and think, 'Are all these "features" necessary?'. I could go on forever about unintuitive design but I think you get the gist.

  3. And, my favorite of all (I'm just kidding and don't condone this in any way, shap, or form), THEY REQUIRE A SPECIAL AND EDITOR. Why does this exist?! Do you know how annoying it is that just to view a PowerPoint, I have to load the editor too?! What is this? It's like in order to open a game you have to open the code, build it, and run it. There are NO other kinds of apps that I can think of that force you to do this. WHY IS THIS THE NORM? Can't I just open the presentation and it just presents? Is that such a novel concept to these people? If I wanted to edit it I would have opened the editor. This is outrageous and will turn into a rant if I don't reign myself in

What can we do to fix this?

People have made presentation programs that do sort-of solve the problem. The typical user doesn't want to use markdown, they want to drag an image onto the screen and maybe add some text if they are feeling extra fancy. Simply Slide is going to allow you to add a background image, some other free-floating images, and maybe some text. After that, just hit the compile button and it turns it into a standalone web page so that you can just double click the .html file and it just opens. Also, it's going to have an emphases on keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys so that the editing process is as fast as it should be.

Simply Slide

Simply Slide is going to be a minimalistic GUI app that allows you to do the bare minimum of work you need to do, making the editing process so much faster than other programs, allowing you to get back to the important stuff. I don't know, I might make a custom markdown thing for real chad users, we'll see I guess.

More description coming soon

GitLab repo

Recent Activity

I just finished full image support! The next (and last) update will be soon. I will be diving into the world of generated web pages! &simply-slide

&simply-slide I added project support, you can have multiple projects and everything!! It also loads your most recent project on startup

&simply-slide You can place text, edit every aspect about it, and delete (forgot to show that in the video). Creating new slides works and also deleting them (again, forgot to show that in the view, sorry)

&simply-slide You can now edit the background of the slide, select slides to view, and save not only the slides but the exact slide you had selected. Thanks to Martins and x13pixels for ImGui help!

&simply-slide I setup ImGui and SDL2. I also got the basic UI layout setup. Gonna be working on loading in a .ini and dynamically loading slides/resources based off the .ini