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The editor is now grid-based! I also implemented level teleporters to teleport to the levels (the starting level is the level selection area). I also implemented player spawns which will eventually hook up the player inputs to different controllers and\or keyboards when I get multiplayer done (soon!!!). I also forgot to show this, but levels can be saved to a function (instead of a file) so that I can hook it up nice and easy to the level teleporters. It's a little cursed but that's the best solution for this little game

Got the item/terrain placement system finished. It's really satisfying to make little levels to jump around on lol

Showing off the (simple) ui system I made for my game. It's not as advanced as ImGUI but it works for my purposes and that's all that matters. I've been actually committing to this game (well, prototype), which makes me super happy because I've never kept with a project like this (I've kept with one for longer, but this time, this feels different). SHOULD have the prototype done by the end of next month. The ui window opening and closing is me pressing O and C respectivelly

Just a little word processor thing I started working on last night. Terrible compression, blame discord

Very simple commands system

Messing around with uefi

Introducing my new award winning game, square chase rectangle

New epic video about changing the text rendering system:

Ok, I got text rendering for real now. All the characters are grabbed from an atlas and stb_truetype tells me where to draw them instead of me hardcoding the positions of smaller characters

New video about getting strings of text rendered


I have the same thing as a couple days ago except I made it use an orthographic projection matrix instead of specifying NDCs. I'm one step closer to a really nice, fleshed out UI system!

I know it abruptly ends, but that's a button that closes the program when pressed (testing a UI system)

New video up. Talking about the UI system I made for my game

Woohoo! Vertex colors work now in my engine (gltf). Turns out it wasn't a problem with my code but a problem with Blender's. Downgraded to 2.8 from 3.3 and everything works. I love programming 🙂

My 3d art skills exported from blender. I did setup basic lighting, so this isn't the full capabilities of my engine, I just thought this looked cool. I grabbed the shader from here and modified it a bit

I can now import obj files into my game. It even grabs the base color from the material and puts it in their too!

I got sounds loading and playing (sorry for the harsh sounds in the video). Now it's time to get gltf files loading. I'm on that game dev grind💪

I made a first person character controller for my game using D3D11. wcap didn't like my program I guess, ignore the weirdness in the video, that isn't what the game actually looks like

My video for the my Wheel Reinvention Jam project is now up! (finally): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Lbd6gZwQ5Y

I just finished full image support! The next (and last) update will be soon. I will be diving into the world of generated web pages! &simply-slide

&simply-slide I added project support, you can have multiple projects and everything!! It also loads your most recent project on startup

&simply-slide You can place text, edit every aspect about it, and delete (forgot to show that in the video). Creating new slides works and also deleting them (again, forgot to show that in the view, sorry)

&simply-slide You can now edit the background of the slide, select slides to view, and save not only the slides but the exact slide you had selected. Thanks to Martins and x13pixels for ImGui help!

&simply-slide I made the logo! It looks awful but no way am I redoing it

&simply-slide I setup ImGui and SDL2. I also got the basic UI layout setup. Gonna be working on loading in a .ini and dynamically loading slides/resources based off the .ini

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