An Application to provide editors for multiple file formats via plugins.

A plugin will be associated with specific file extensions, which when opened through a file explorer, will open that file with the plugin. Plugins will be able to render arbitrary stuff.

I have attached my own solid state visualizer, (.solidstate), a png viewer that just displays the image (.png) and a particle system editor plugin (.psys)

Hotkeys In the file system: Ctrl+D: Change Drive to '<Drive>:' Alt+LeftArrow: Exit Plugin

Windows Only for now because I have no real good way of testing for linux

Github Link:

Recent Activity

&multiedit Just to see how easy it is to convert anything to a multiedit plugin, I ported my old solid state visualizer into a plugin.
Also showcases you can do literally anything with plugins here.

&multiedit a basic particle system plugin in 183 LOC. Yes it's very barebones, but it works!

&multiedit Multiple plugins and Window resizing done. key events, mouse button events and resize events are now accessible through plugins
Now for the fun part (Trying to make a particle system editor as a demonstration)

&multiedit Quite a bit of progress since yesterday, added proper plugins and rendering via them is super easy

&multiedit Had to rescope a bit, panels were causing quite a pain for rendering for plugins. so wasted a day on that.
In other news, I got the file explorer bit working today, with queries!

&multiedit Got basic panels working. Should be easy to attach plugins to them which is the next step