TheOS was started as a challenge I set for myself and ske, but has grown into something way bigger. TheOS has (so far) its own windowing system, a nice looking GUI, programming support in it with its own programming language BF (not to be confused with BrainF***), a drawing program, a filesystem that resembles FAT32, a terminal, and more.

Recent Activity

Moved &theos to use C++ instead of C, and planning it, from now on, to be fully terminal-based. Because GUIs are bloat, they disgust me.

So far it has a working command system and echo with pretty advanced arguments. Newer things printed = the higher they are. The "ERR: Command Not Found"s are when I misspelled echo.

I like this new look as well. But I want to hear your opinions on it. (Haven't pushed it to the git repo yet.) Oh, and it actually runs on real hardware now. Finally.