Magnolia is a new UI toolkit written entirely from scratch in Zig for Linux desktops. It has a focus on ease-of-use, performance, and supporting older devices.

Recent Activity

&magnolia now has pure-zig implementations of fc-conflist and fc-list from fontconfig

&magnolia now has preliminary support for both PNG and JPEG

(meant to only delete the attachment and the a bot deleted the post)
new pic because it was supposed to have transparency and now it does
&magnolia now supports images in ImageViewer

&magnolia only the first of many but pushed today the first full app of my custom UI toolkit tailored for desktop linux, Calculator

&magnolia got 7guis counter working in my wip gui toolkit, styles are a bit undetermined atm but the example shown below uses a builtin component so itll update automatically as that system progresses
source of video:

ProggyClean rendered from scratch