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&waffleco git now has notifications

&magnolia now has preliminary support for both PNG and JPEG

&waffleco i did a bunch of work in git today to get labels added to issues and some more advanced search options

&waffleco git now has some moderation actions in issues such as deleting and hiding/unhiding comments

&waffleco git now has a proper ui for viewing, creating, and revoking personal access tokens

(meant to only delete the attachment and the a bot deleted the post)
new pic because it was supposed to have transparency and now it does
&magnolia now supports https://qoiformat.org/ images in ImageViewer

&magnolia only the first of many but pushed today the first full app of my custom UI toolkit tailored for desktop linux, Calculator

&magnolia got 7guis counter working in my wip gui toolkit, styles are a bit undetermined atm but the example shown below uses a builtin component so itll update automatically as that system progresses
source of video: https://git.sr.ht/~nektro/magnolia-desktop/tree/master/item/demos/7guis/1counter.zig

&waffleco git, is that a pure http authenticated git push i see? indeed it is

&waffleco put that new issue page to good use and now we have a table of results

&waffleco git more issues development

&waffleco identity, whoopsie just realized i posted about getting oauth2 login (here https://discord.com/channels/239737791225790464/404399251276169217/1124303673699352596) working but never the authorization page

&waffleco identity, filled out the basic profile page and unified the theme style with the other apps

&waffleco hit some compiler crashes working on Git so here's an Identity progress update
the idea is that its a web-native Oauth2 identity provider and very slim so users dont have to worry about scope creep
eventually i wanna add in some of the stuff keybase trailblazed too (but is now defunct since the zoom acquisition)

&waffle-git starting to make headway in the account system and added a 'new repository' page

added gravatar profile pics to the log

&waffle-git video of a bunch of recent features, namely being able to view the tree at any commit rather than only HEAD which i just added today

got HEAD/branch/tag annotations added to the log

got commit traversal sailing the high git seas

got tree view working (and subfolders)

started work on my own git forge, design currently very cgit inspired and made from scratch in Zig but sharing this milestone of the homepage being presentable. more to come

ProggyClean rendered from scratch