Bytes is a fast, lightweight and customisable text editor.


  • Everything is fast
  • Just download a zip file that is less than a megabyte in size
  • Built-in terminal with partial support for VT100 escape sequences
  • Everything is customised using a single language that is compiled to machine code (no need to bother with build-systems, external compilers and DLLs)
  • Everything runs on hardware
  • Rendering is done on the GPU

The editor is currently in beta and runs on Windows 10+. Ports to MacOS and linux are planned. Feel free to report bugs or suggest features here.


  • Bytes is not an IDE.
  • For now the editor is not designed to handle big files.


I wanted to make a text editor that is fast and lightweight but also easily customisable. I decided to go with a custom language for the custom layer since it would be easier to make non-trivial customisations and share them as it only requires the editor to compile them, removing the need to install SDKs, compilers and to handle multiple platforms. I also wanted to avoid all the usual scripting languages since I do not think they are very good (both in the way they are designed and in the way their compilers and interpreters are engineered). Lastly this also gave me a good excuse to start working on a programming language of my own : )