New release: v0.2.6 (beta)

I have not released a new version in a little while, so here it is. Mainly a lot of compiler bug fixes but I also rewrote the search system from scratch because I was not pleased with the mess and the unresponsiveness of the previous one. Now it actually feels smooth and snappy no matter how many files are being searched.

Full changelog:

v0.2.6 (beta) - 21/12/2023

  • The search system has been rewritten from scratch and is now smoother to work with.
  • Search matches are now highlit in the source preview to let you know exactly what is matched.
  • Windows: terminal commands that seemingly did not go well (where the exit code of the process is not 0) are now highlit in a different way.
  • Reduced the number of machine code instructions generated in certain places.
  • You can now tag unknown types in polymorphic sub-programs, e.g. $f: (a: ?T, b: T) -> T = {...};
  • Fixed lots of compiler bugs.