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Devlog #3 Uploaded (2/3/2017)

Hey everyone!

I just recently uploaded the third game devlog. I didn't get a whole lot done, as life has been pretty busy, but I still have some stuff worth showing and talking about! I've implemented the bare bones of lighting and collision editing fully. I hope you guys enjoy, sorry there isn't a whole lot this week. The devlog is below; I'd love any feedback, suggestions, comments, encouragement, discouragement, etc. you have.

Thanks for watching and thanks for your support!
Jeroen van Rijn,
I just watched it. Trying to turn everyone into synethesiasts? ;-)
Interesting game mechanic, indeed. It reminds me a little bit of the color mechanics in Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent.

Keep up the good work. Your dev logs are great.
Ryan Fleury,
Maybe. ;)

I'm still considering it and I'm finding some holes in the mechanic, unfortunately; a good point was made by somebody on YouTube that while colors work like that, notes don't. For example, purple would also correspond to just another singular note, which might end up being a problem. We'll see what I come up with...

Thank you for your support! :)
Jeremiah Goerdt,
I like the style of your devlogs. It's a nice change from the norm.

I'm also curious to see where you go with the color mechanic. It seems like most games that use colors as a mechanic don't have very deep mechanics. I hope you can shock us all :-)
Ginger Bill,
I'm loving these development videos! Keep up the good work.

How long do these videos usually take to make, record, and edit? They are very well done.
Smooth. Lovely aesthetic.

What's the title of the song in the earlier part of the video with the piano and Chinese flute?
Ryan Fleury,
Thank you!

Usually they'll take roughly 2 days. Once I have all the film I need, though, I can get it done in a day.
Ryan Fleury,
Thank you!

That song is "Concerning the UFO sighting near Highland, Illinois" by Sufjan Stevens.