A custom compiler for a custom language, which outputs nds files that can be loaded on a DS emulator or a Homebrew-ed DS.

The language is Pascal/Odin/Jai style. Technically the compiler outputs asm files that an assembler processes into an nds file.

Recent Activity

A lot of time later, I finally have a hello world program running on my NDS (8x8 Bitmap font)
The program is 142 lines of code total.


Finally got something visual to show for the project I've been working on for the past three to four months.

  • Custom language compiling to arm assembly
  • Packed in a .nds file getting loaded on an nds emulator (As well as my DSi)
  • Displaying a blue screen via a bitmap


Finally finished (At least for now) my mini-compiler frontend. https://github.com/PixelRifts/mini-frontend
Took 2 months, we'll see if it was worth it.

Goal of this project was NOT to make yet another language, it was to make a compiler frontend so that I can dive into compiler backends. I'm excited for that to be honest, much of this was just elbow grease, which I am glad to be done with (cough typechecker cough)