Gateway is an experimental markup language that tries to be simple and unambiguous.

Text attributes: `(*bold`)*, `(/italic`)/, `(_underline`)_, `(-strikethrough`)-, `(%code`)%
Backtick literal: ``

Every control sequence is clearly delineated by a preceding backtick (`), and everything else is plaintext. So rather than the backslash being the "escape" character that deactivates the markup syntax, the backtick is the "gateway" character which unlocks it. Also, I care more about clarity and ease-of-parsing than readability, so I guess the syntax is a little ugly.

Recent Activity

I have some HTML coming out of the "compiler" for my experimental markup language, &gateway. Still, I gotta fully implement stuff like bold, italics, and lists.

!til &gateway Trying to invent a markup language that is the opposite of Markdown. Utterly ugly, but unambiguous. It also has errors.