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First Gameplay Footage

Timothy Barnes

I made a video for the recent work I have been doing on the gameplay for Seabird.

Most of my work recently has been on designing how the wind in the scene should behave. The player is only able to keep from falling if they ride on a wind gust, or if another bird is holding onto them. In the video when the player is being held up by another bird, a red line drawn between the two birds.

In the storm there are also special wind gusts which will sometimes lead the player to a group of birds who may be willing to help. In the video these gusts are colored red.


It seems a bit confusing at the moment. And reading the text while playing will probably be hard. Is this a story oriented game ?
Thanks for the comment. There will be a story in the game, but I do not plan to make the game heavily dialog oriented. It might help if I would only show dialog while the storm is calm or pause the action when dialog appears.