Not much visible progress on &orca today, but I did a lot of background work!

  • I now load and run real wasm modules in the tab processes, and compile shaders and call gles from them.
  • I also wrote a crappy python script to autogenerate (most of) the API binding code (some of them are more tricky to automate, because the require knowledge of the semantics of the arguments, e.g. glShaderSource, so I write binding code for them manually).
  • Oh and I also designed a simple messaging protocol between my processes, and can send input events to the tabs. Then if the wasm module provides a handler for that event (i.e. defines a function like OnMouseUp() or OnFrameResize()), this gets called automatically (i.e. no need to register input handlers).

So now I can click to change the direction of rotation of my triangle. Phew! But to be fair, I warned you that there's wasn't much eye candy today!