I've just added a new feature to WhiteBox (my live code debugger/previsualizer) that's really been missing - the ability to add a length component to pointers, so that they can be treated as arrays 😀

For those unfamiliar, a quick overview of what's being shown here:

  • the code in the box in the top right is providing arguments for and calling the code in the editor to the left.
  • the bottom-right section is a mutant debugger-like data-tree
  • the values highlighted red are those that changed just before the "breakpoint" on the position of the cursor
  • there are 2 values for the last 3 elements of array because both are seen at some point in the run when the instruction pointer reaches the cursor
  • (there is only 1 value for the first element because it's already been scaled before the first time the instruction pointer reaches the cursor - my first reaction was that something was wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is correct - WhiteBox is already correcting my misconceptions 😁)

I also realised there aren't any new features to add before I send out to the preorderers! I just have a few things to tidy up and then we're good to go 😀
If you'd like to be one of the vanguard with imminent access to the (buggy) alpha version, you can preorder WhiteBox with a 35% discount here https://azmr.itch.io/whitebox