A user got &WhiteBox working with @raysan5's raylib, and I realised I hadn't tried it yet myself. This was something that needed correcting immediately!
It became possible with the concurrency features @philliptrudeau worked hard to get into v0.116.0

There are still things to hammer out from the previous interaction model (when to rerun the code, LOD, recording selection...)

But take a look:
live, graphed data & an instant edit-run loop for games!

raylib made this very easy:

  • download raylib-4.5.0_win64_msvc16.zip from https://github.com/raysan5/raylib/releases/latest
  • add -I[...]/raylib/include to the compiler flags
  • add [...]/raylib/lib/raylib.dll to the DLLs list
  • connect to WhiteBox from an example raylib file
  • start playing