&WhiteBox v0.122.0

New Features

  • Add simple watch expressions for the timeline, with feedback messages and underlines for parse errors
  • Add call stacks to timeline (including arguments & return values where captured)
  • Add text scaling (Ctrl + =/Ctrl + -)
  • Speed up data inspection, which bounds total running speed for user code
  • Add right-click options to timeline values to copy to clipboard
  • Visualize jumps in disassembly
  • Add AT&T/Intel disassembly syntax options
  • Add support for non-trivial copy constructors

Improvements & Fixes

  • Better handling for anonymous records
  • Improve font rendering with DirectWrite, FreeType, and TrueType backends
  • Improve C++ constructor handling
  • Show min/max values for timeline expressions
  • Improve data tree value graph
  • No longer break on Linux signals that are recommended to be ignored by default (e.g. SIGWINCH - change window size)
  • Animate the status bar colour when new messages are added to the console
  • Fix emacs plugin port issue
  • Fix misc issues; add resiliency to more edge-cases; reduce jank; ...

Known Issues

  • Globals that are mutated and not reset in user code are not always consistently reset between runs (e.g. changing functions back and forth with a locked caller). Saving your code or using Compiler > Reset (Ctrl+Shift+R) forces them to be reset.

Get access to the latest version here: https://azmr.itch.io/whitebox

N.B. If you were on the WhiteBox discord (https://chat.whitebox.systems) you'd have known about this last week 😁