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#21214 How to appoach networking?
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Do you just start putting stuff up on github? What's your story on how you got to know the people who got you into the work you are doing now?

Anything to watch out for?
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#21246 How to appoach networking?
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I've been thinking about your question, and I think in my case, I've never consciously networked. I've juste applied to a job, worked with the people there, and kept going from there, having more and more people knowing about my skills and the way I work.

For me, it began after, straight out of computer engineering school, I wanted to find my first job in a video game company. Since I didn't have professional experience related to video games - I made most of my apprenticeship in web development because that's where there are the most jobs, and video game companies are pretty much ignorant of apprenticeship - , and since most job offers have unrealistic experience requirements,I did apply to a job that required candidates less qualified than I was (Actually I didn't realize when applying because it was not the impression I had when reading the job description, I only understood it involved Lua scripting :p ) After 2 months and a half doing this, I began to do "actual" programming in the same company.

After that, it's a matter of communication with the teams. Some will become friends and won't lose any occasion of recommanding you to some other employer if they can, some will try to help you after you leave even if you have hardly worked with them, and others will forget you as soon as you leave even if you had been working together daily.

My github is pretty much empty, and LinkedIn never helped me to land a job (except maybe some employers watched the recommandations I had?).

I guess in my case, getting a degree helped. If you're self-educated, I believe shipping anything would help a lot, even if it looks amateurish. And if you join a team of hobbyists to do that, that can be a first step to networking :)