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Programming tools still in need?
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There seems to be a lot of new programming projects underway to help fulfill some major wants/needs of programmers everywhere - jai (new low level language), C[ode]Clap/RemedyBG (debuggers), 4coder/Edimcoder (editors). While this is obviously exciting I was wondering if the handmade community could still identify some void in programming tools that still needed to be filled. I ask because I want to start my own programming project and I'm interesting in developing a useful programming tool. I was thinking of a something akin to RAD's telemetry/profiling tool since I know their tool is pretty expensive and I haven't really found anything similar to that on a more affordable price scale for the average user. Any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated.
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Programming tools still in need?
a linker that can output debug info and isn't single threaded
Mārtiņš Možeiko
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Programming tools still in need?
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Multithreaded comparison vs gold/bfd: https://youtu.be/yTtWohFzS6s?t=452
Multithreaded comparison vs single thread: https://youtu.be/yTtWohFzS6s?t=1202
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Programming tools still in need?
I don't know of a general-purpose build system for C/C++ that isn't a big painful mess, and I hear people complaining all the time about tools like cmake. It feels to me like there's probably a good amount of room for innovation in terms of how to do configurable build tools - maybe you could try making one that can be configured via a C API, similar to how 4coder does customization?
Simon Anciaux
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Programming tools still in need?
I don't know if it's good but there is Orbit Profiler. Or mmozeiko's CxxProfiler.

An ARM disasember might be an interesting project.