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With the jam finished, here's a little demo video that highlights most of the project's features :)

&rede Better NFA superstate diffing for stepping backwards. Node hit-testing. Red flash for entering null-state. Strict/Loose matching with contextual underline.

Added NFA superstate visualization and particles my jam project &rede (https://handmade.network/p/369/rede/)
Planning on making it more clear what path the individual states go through as well as be better at stepping backwards

&sdf Final stretch, more editor features, and cleaning stuff up

&sdf I'm not procrastinating, you're procrastinating :owlofshame:

&sdf Adding some features to the editor to allow the user to... y'know, edit

&sdf When everything's a distance function, hit-testing / mouse-picking is free. (Animated Undo/Redo on the other hand, is gonna cost ya :drugz:)

&sdf Basic rendering of SDF primitives for an atlas entry