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&nitka now has very ugly text rendering, which pushes this prototype into the "barely useful" stage! You can actually see which stages of the CPU pipeline are taking more cycles than expected

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&nitka got the basics working. A real Kanata trace is parsed, converted to geometry, and rendered!

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Yesterday I opensourced my chatting application I have been developing on and off since late 2021:

It features a fully custom websocket server built in C using io_uring, and a custom on-disk database (if you can call it that).

There's also a media upload server which is also written from scratch in C on io_uring.

The client is a web UI, which I built in js with no libraries. Here's me scrolling back in time by holding PageUp and searching in a channel with about 10K messages

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I have made an online collaborative whiteboard over the weekend. Come check it out!
Powered by (which is written in Zig). It's about 2KLOC backend + frontend (I'm not using any js packages)

edit: forgot to link the code!
here it is:

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