Jeremiah Goerdt
Working on the watch window has been pretty simple so far. I tried out an idea for tables-within-tables, but it doesn't look like it's going to pan out.

If you know Qt well or have any insight into creating a custom watch window in Qt, lemme know. I'm on a mission to make this watch window a key aspect of Lysa, so it has to be good.

Casey's video about what he wants in a debugger is a sort of "North Star" for Lysa, and he has some great ideas about how to structure the code behind the watch window, as well as how the window should behave. I'm experimenting with some of those ideas and trying to come up with the best solution.

Thoughts? Advice? Etc?
Jeremiah Goerdt
I'm starting a company once I move back to Nebraska and it will need a logo. I've been refining designs in a contest on 99designs, and I need your help!

We're almost done! What do you think about two of the remaining designs for my logo contest?

In Lysa-specific news, development will pick up on Monday with a regular schedule and some streaming thrown in. It's time to get serious.

You stay classy,
Jeremiah Goerdt
The life of sitting at a computer for 12 hours a day is catching up with me, it seems. My spine must be holding a grudge because I've been in and out of doctors' offices for the last 2-3 weeks. It's *slowly* getting better, so don't worry about me just yet. I'm only 31, so I have at least another good 10 years in me.

As for the move, we're going back to Nebraska. My wife's work has been hell, so our second attempt at living in Colorado has failed. We're not excited to leave the state because we love it so much, but a lot of other things are working out great. We'll just have to accept that Nebraska is our forever home. Such is life.

What does this mean for Lysa?

Not much really. It has slowed me down quite a bit, but I'm still chipping away. Maybe I'll have to bump the next prerelease back a bit, but not too far. Plus, there might be a huge boost in activity on the project soon! I'll keep you updated.

You stay classy.

[Edit] I forgot to show off my new "standing desk" with the hopes that it helps my back in the long run.

This monster raises and lowers with minimal effort and is pretty sturdy.
Jeremiah Goerdt
Progress has been good. The debugger basically works for stepping, debuggee output, variable inspection, and killing/restarting the process. My efforts have been focused on a good way to implement the generic watch window. It takes twice as long as it should to make improvements because I spend half my time reading docs (they are fantastic docs though).

I'm no UX guru, so all of this could end up super clunky, but I'm confident it will get much better as we get users and feedback.

I'll be back in a few weeks with another update.
Jeremiah Goerdt
After the dear imgui experiment, I moved on to Qt. It seems like the best option out there for multiplatform GUI toolkits. The OOP design can get frustrating, but it has done the job pretty well so far. Anytime want to add something to the debugger, the library has the building blocks there already.

My goal is to have a debugger that you can use for daily work by the end of 2018's first quarter. Ideally, it'll be ready sooner, but I'm imposing a deadline to keep things moving forward. Once we get closer to the next prerelease date, I'll let you know where you can get ahold of the newest version. I left Patreon and am looking toward Gumroad, SendOwl, and We'll see how that pans out.

Here's the plan:

  • Minimal features in a standalone debugger
  • Inform API design as I build the first version of the debugger
  • Get users
  • Add crucial features to debugger while staying as minimal as possible

Once prerelease v2 (pre02) is ready, there will be 3 tiers for you to choose from:

  1. Standalone Debugger
  2. Standalone Debugger + Lysa Library
  3. Standalone Debugger + Lysa Library + Source

Once my forced vacation is over (read: the kids go back to school), I'll be putting my head down and pushing hard towards pre02. It's a huge milestone that I'm really looking forward to.

You stay classy.