All major Java/Kotlin build systems I have used felt clunky, slow and limiting. And out of that frustration, this project was born. Designed from the ground up, with focus on low UI latency, speed and simplicity, but flexible enough to easily allow any setup imaginable.

Key features:

  • Simple and expressive
    • Build scripts in Kotlin allow to easily create any functionality with Wemi's DSL, usually in just a few lines of code
    • Convention dominates default settings, but everything is easily reconfigurable
    • Transparent internal structure without magic is easy to debug and understand
  • No installation, simple upgrades
    • Whole build system is in single executable (~5MB) that goes directly into the project's directory
  • Fast
    • Written with performance and your valuable time in mind
    • Minimal use of libraries means that the code does exactly what it should be, and nothing more
  • Works
  • Out of the box supports:
    • Java and Kotlin compiling
    • Javadoc, Dokka
    • JUnit 5
    • Artifact assembling (including fat-jars) and publishing