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The shape rendering thing now has gradient control via nanovg 😄

OurPaint v0.2 is done! 😄 You guys could try if you are interested, available for Windows and Linux https://ChengduLittleA.com/ourpaint

Today I optimized my OurPaint program and cleaned up procedural canvas texture, it now has paper or framed canvas texture that can affect brushes depending on force and how the paint flows

Got bezier shape editor basics! 😄 Shape drawing achieved with nanovg

Modelling -> Shading -> Play Game! 😄

My TinyShed engine now has procedural materials 😄

Halftone material assigning 😄

My TinyShed engine: Instanced scene and its logic node is working correctly now 😄 Also duplicated instances will only have its script compiled once which gives better performance

My TinyShed game engine now able to manipulate objects from lua scripts, using internal C functions via LuaJIT 😄

I have now get luajit to run inside LaGUI 😄

Improved my LaGUI recently now with better multiwindow context handling, gl debug and other optimizations

Got an audio device selection menu here in my LaGUI, the backend is miniaudio

A noise generator and a slightly improved scope display

#laGUI synth with Oscilloscope 😄

This is starting to look a lot like a very specific program lol

My lo-fi engine now has instance-object support. With a ton of UI redesign, also now support panel context pinning

Basic animation interpolation is working 😄

Well I think basically this is it :) I don't really need a ton of other pieces of information on my website.

The statistics page is accessible through the link on the footer of my blog. https://www.wellobserve.com/

A simple graph written in php/svg directly 😄 &lamdwiki

Cutting tool ready for my lo-fi modelling program

Better theme layout (margin/pading) and row size management in #LaGUI now pushed 😄

Finished a new painting with OurPaint!

Fixed the lo-fi modeller in LaGUI just now and face cutting works correctly 😄