Spall is a fast, simple, portable profiler, made to make tracing large programs fast and easy.

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&spall native can now launch with a trace-file passed as a command line argument.

I've been a little busy lately with demo-prep, but this one's for @NeGate's booth. Had to happen. :P

Ok, text isn't quite right yet, I don't have a loading screen, and selection doesn't quite work, but it's almost usable now.

It's hard to tell which one I'm using at this point, horribly broken multiselect animations aside. :P

still needs text rendering and a lot of platform normalization, but spall-native is coming along pretty quickly.

It's a small thing, but it helps a ton for big files.
Just pushed a change that builds self-times during parsing for binary files. Should cut a few seconds off spall load times, and also clean up a few weird edge-cases for begin events with no end.

Some good suggestions from @Phil H later, and a bunch of site work done, and spall is now live!

You can now vertically scroll with your scroll wheel by hovering over the mini-tree on the side, and there's a global scale to help you figure at where you're at in your trace.

it's a small change, but it makes a big difference.
Thanks to @bvisness for the suggestion!

So, more little things today..
Spall can now show thread/process names from chrome's tracing format, scroll stats, pan while you've got things selected, and read/display the juicy bits of chrome's sampling profiler data.

If you're sick of waiting for the chrome performance tab's profiler to zoom at 0 fps, trying to see what's taking so long in your JS code, you can now load them into spall.

Thanks to @bvisness for doing some serious groundwork figuring out the format.

My sampling profile import is a little beta because it's an undocumented format, so results may definitely vary.

Did some work this evening making JSON parsing a bit faster.
Doing around 500 MB in ~6 seconds now. (around 2x faster than it was)

I think we're ready to demo.

Starting to dig a little more of the ol' netsim code out while doing some visual polish today. Can't just be a boring old profiler, it's gotta feel good.

Ok, probably the last big feature before proper ship is in. We now have the ability to print self-time per function!

Also, because you probably want it, there's a lovely new button at the top left to crunch stats for your whole file.

Hopefully everything left now is cleanup, polish, and optimization.

a little under 1 GB of binary trace data taken from a 30 minute happenlance burn-test, loaded in 6 seconds.
You can now do stats without tanking the framerate too, which is nice.

Getting close to a proper launch. Needs another bug pass, but I'm hoping to get it up in beta in the next week or two

More usability features!
Added the top bar, so you can tell where you are on the x-axis while zoomed in, and you get a quick view of thread activity so you can spot program slow-points.

Not 100% sold on my current colors for the periphery views yet though.

So, I don't recommend this at all because the iPad WASM jit doesn't like to free memory when you refresh, but it does work for ~500 MB json files, mostly.

Working on rendering speed today. Still some lurking z-index issues, but we can now load and smoothly zoom/pan through 6 million events (300 MB of spall-binary, or ~700 MB of JSON) at 165 fps.

This is cuik processing a massive generated fibonacci program.

So, I felt like doing a little upgrade to my speed test. This is 540 MB, emitted from chrome's self-profiler. (the last one was 40 MB)
There's definitely some UI/UX polish left to do on my end (it's hard to squish so many profilers on the screen, so things are a little scrunched :P), I need to properly name PIDs and TIDs like perfetto/speedscope can, and I'm working with our resident JSON wizard, @demetrispanos to speed things up even more, but the numbers speak for themselves.

(chrome://tracing failed to load the file entirely)

One more big batch of changes, and it's finally feature-complete enough to feel real.
Needs polish for days and a big cleanup / optimization pass, but multiselect and stats are in.
Time for a nice long Zzz.

This time, we're featuring a lovely trace from Happenlance, killing it with incredible frametimes. Hopefully we'll get similar frametimes too after some tweaking.

After a long all-nighter with Philip and Jeroen, LOD is in!
This is a 530 MB JSON dump from chrome's chrome://tracing self-record feature that chrome://tracing's renderer fails to open, and takes a solid, laggy year to load and zoom around in perfetto.

After a bunch of optimization and TLC, we're at ~530 MB json trace files in ~8 seconds, plus with some collab with @philliptrudeau, I've also added support for a binary ingest format that loads around 10x faster than that.
Still needs some LOD love, but it's coming soon, I swear. :P @bvisness hopefully, I'll be at a point where your 1 GB trace files are totally viable, soon. More UI/UX work to go, but load times are now in the ballpark of tolerable, especially if you don't need JSON specifically.

With some huge help from our resident superhero, @philliptrudeau, we've got support for smooth scrolling, panning, and pan-to-zoom now!
Up next on my list is handling begin and end events, so I can process more config files, and improving my 1GB+ trace frametimes, but the core is now solid.

Got my Odin/WASM flamegraph tracer build/running well. Works on tablets, and (at least with my current ~900 KB of test data) boots faster than perfetto or chrome://tracing. Almost good enough to replace chome://tracing for small files, just needs slightly better zoom + time window selection.