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Personal Projects

Many community members have projects of their own. Want to join them? Create your own.

You Want to Watch the World Burn

A fast-paced puzzle — you, an arsonist, burning landmarks to the ground. Balance risk versus reward with the havoc you cause staying alive!

Animation Buddy

A standalone software which allows you to view videos frame-by-frame to practice your animation and gesture skills.

Recycle Bin Manager

Manage your Recycle Bin from anywhere


A Wordle clone with more letters, made using Odin and Raylib

Castle of Faith

A little metroidvania about a girl that is a breed between an angel and a demon, trying to become 100% sacred.


a personal web server, one line of config to add a reverse proxy entry


C Compiler


A simple markup language.


A cross-platform immediate and retained-mode UI library with a razor sharp focus on performance, simplicity and expressive power

Bone Worm / Build Yourself

A game about assembling yourself from parts you find in the wild, and programming your own abilities.


A Custom Language for the NintendoDS


A desktop app for windows that functions both as a checklist or ToDo list and a calendar.

Learning Colors

Learning about colors and color spaces as part of the 2024 Learning Jam

Getting Started in PlayStation (PSX) Homebrew Development

The focus of this project is to provide a guide on getting a program and assets burned onto a CD-ROM for use on actual PSX hardware.

Memoirs of Kaizer Academy

A Visual Novel I wrote from scratch using just Python and an SDL2 binding. All source code is available in the download.


Free multiplayer top-down shooter made from scratch in C++. Comes with an in-game Editor!


A Computational Geometry Debugging Tool


Streaming videos using gRPC

Research Compilers

Researching compilers by reading papers, experimenting with code snippets,.. looking forward to create a toy project out of my research.

Random Knowledge

Just random TILs.