Software sucks—let’s change that.

Computers are amazingly fast. Why is so much of their software so slow? Why do many programs seem to be stagnating over time, or even getting worse? The minor exasperations grind away at us at work, at home, on the go, all the time. But does it have to be like this? Or is there another way?

We think there is. We think programmers can work with the computer, not against it. We’re a community of developers fed up with the state of software, and we want to do something about it. We’re willing to build it ourselves, by hand.


It’s not a specific technique or programming language—it’s an idea. The idea that we can build software that works with the computer, not against it, using good craftsmanship. That software can and should be built carefully, with performance and usability in mind, avoiding unnecessary complexity by digging deep into the core of what the program does.


We offer a place to share your project with a growing community of like-minded developers. Games, productivity tools, art programs; utilities, editors, compilers; we accept all kinds of software.


Host your project on the Handmade Network and claim your own page complete with free hosted builds (up to 750 MB), public source code hosting starting at $1/month, and your own set of forums open to the community. Not to mention contributing to the future of software.


Working on a project? Just coding for fun? Don't know anything about programming, but want to start? Join the site and become part of a friendly community, working together to make software better. Register soon and post on any forum on the site, chat live with other members, and help us build the future.

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