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Ryan Fleury
3 weeks, 3 days ago
Well, it's certainly been a while! This is of course not a unique occurrence for me, really, but alas, I have come back to say hello and share some Handmade news!

The latter half of 2020 of course was a crazy year for everyone. It is often regarded as a time where nearly everything went wrong, but we can't forget to look at the positives as well. For Handmade Network in particular, we had a number of exciting moments...

HMS2020 (link)

...the first of which being the second annual Handmade Seattle conference, Handmade Seattle 2020, hosted by Handmade ... Read More →


Christoffer Lernö
4 days, 12 hours ago
Continuing from our previous article, let's look are some more possibilities and maybe find a solution.

An even more ambitious widening strategy

The previous idea with both a maximum and minimum promotion type didn't pan out, but what if we went much further?

We use the idea of a maxint which is a signed-only integer type that is wider than the widest ordinary type. If i128 is supported natively on the target, then the maxint is i256, if the max normal int type is long (defined as 64 bits in C3), the maxint becomes an i128.

We ... Read More →
5 days, 21 hours ago

Meta Assembly Language

Dmitriy Kubyshkin
1 week ago
As I'm closing on 1 year of working on Mass I was quite curious to see if my approach to compile-time execution via JIT makes sense and how it compares with other languages that are capable of compile time execution, namely C++ and Zig. I do not have access to Jai, so can not measure that.

For now I just did two test program. The first one runs a counter 1 000 000 times at compile time and stores a result into a compile-time constant. The counter is then printed at runtime to verify the output value.

The goal of ... Read More →


5 days, 10 hours ago

Recently I have been really buckling down on getting error-driven encoder/decoder pairs to work. There are currently two variants that seem promising - one that is similar to what I already had but with some minor (but important) modifications, and the other that uses feedback alignment (paper here).

Error-driven encoders/decoders promise much better compression than the older ones, as they only compress what is needed instead of everything.

With respect to AOgmaNeo as a whole, some minor changes include slightly reduced memory consumption (useful for embedded devices) by changing the way the receptive fields of columns project ... Read More →

Final Platform Layer

1 week, 5 days ago
Hi there,

i am back and i have another release of FPL for you all, which contains very important bugfixes, some improvements and a couple of new features ;-)

7 months of silence

Since the the corona pandemic my life changed from day one fundamentally, resulting in having no more free time at all - not a single minute!
Working from home, doing homeschooling with my kids and organizing our home was just too much, but i now somehow got situated and feel more motivated to get back to private coding, finally finishing up that beast of a project ;) ... Read More →
4 months, 1 week ago
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